The AA Travel Experience stores now stock our BatMem Buddy!

Good news for all travellers – the AA Travel Experience Store now stock our BatMem Buddy, so when you next pick up your maps, International Drivers permits and other trip goodies from your nearest AA Travel Experience Store don’t forget to pick up your BatMem Buddy at the same time.

The BatMeM Buddy is versatile storage case for batteries and memory cards.

This innovative and affordable product will safely store your batteries and memory cards – ideal for travellers.

Rechargeable batteries are potentially hazardous as they can deliver immense power and, if accidentally short circuited, can easily overheat and possibly ignite. They must be stored in a non-conductive case and prevented from coming into contact with conductive objects such as keys and coins.  The BatMem Buddy provides a safe and cost effective solution to the potential hazards of transporting and storing batteries.







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